Highlights (1992-2001)

Here is a list of the important events that happened in the Madurai Province - compiled from the MNL, the newsletter of the Madurai Jesuit Province.
Jan 27-30
Fr Louis Xavier attends a colloquim on Education organized by FABC (Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Feb 21-23
St. Mary's Parish, Madurai, celebrates the centenary of its Primary School.
At Loyola College, the new Physics Block is opened; LIBA opens an Informatics Centre, which offers various modules of administration-oriented computer courses.
At St Joseph's, SHEPHERD brings to the villages a Science Exhibition on the theme of "Water and Human Life".
April 13 Fr Provincial blesses the Documentation and Research wing of the Folklore centre at St Xavier's, Palayamkottai.
Apr28-May 16 600 students from a rural background improve their intellectual and leadership qualities during Summer Camps run by scholastics in three places.
May 21-June8 Seven Brothers undertake an agricultural tour to Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra, visiting various Universities of Agriculture, Government farms, factories, gardens and research centres.  
June 1-6
Fr General names Fr K. M. Matthew one of the four Jesuit observer s to the U.N. Conference on Environment & Development, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

August 1-31

Culture & Communication Centre, Loyola offers street-theatre courses and street-plays, later 'staged' in 300 villages, covering all the districts of Tamil Nadu.  

August 22-23 Jesuit schoolmen reflect on "Understanding Slow Learners and Remedial Work".
August Fr Inchackal is made a member of the UGC committee to draft the theme paper for the All India level Vice-Chancellors' Conference.

Oct 12-23

Fr Y.A. Lourdes, a liturgist and Fr V.M. Gnanapragasam, a Tamil scholar play an important role in the revision of the Tamil Missal, under the leadership of the Archbishop of Madurai.

Nov 9 to 14
Fr C. Amalraj represents the Assistancy at the Jesuit Refugee Service annual meeting in Hbua Hin, Bangkok.
Nov 27
Fr General writes a letter approving the final Report of the Formation Reform Committee.
Dec 21
In Palayamkottai, our institutions plan a Peace March of students to proclaim peace and amity among various religions, in response to the destruction of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya.  
Jan 6
Fr Xavier Vedam's services are lent to the Bishop of Kumbakonam, to organize the youth of the diocese.
Jan 28
Fr Raper, the International JRS Secretary and his South Asia representative urge the Southern Region Provincials to to give importance to Refugeee work. Fr C. Amal is appointed JRS National Secretary.  
Feb 4
Fr General writes a special letter to the Madurai Province Jesuits on the occasion of the 3rd centenary of St John de Britto's martyrdom.  
Feb 23-Mar 2
The Assistancy Major Superiors meet Fr General, and discuss "Orientations for the Forthcoming GC 34".  
Loyola College's Department of Social Work is recognized by the University of Madras as a Research Department, entitled to conduct researches leading to Ph. D. in Social Work.  
March 1
Silent peace-marches for communal harmony and national unity are organized by most of the educational institutions of the Province. 
March 6
The 450th anniversary of St Francis Xavier's landing in (Goa) India is observed in all Jesuit institutions, especially at St Xavier's, Palayamkottai. 
March 13-14
76 Alumni from the 4 Southern Provinces meet in Loyola, Chennai, and Fr Louis Xavier invites them to reflect on their role as "leaders in service".
May 4
Fr General approves Fr Provincial's decision to allow Fr Antoniraj to accept his election as President of the Scheduled Castes Integration Federation (SCIF) for a term of three years.
May 6 - 9 For the first time 140 Jesuit Pastors of South Asia gather for a meeting called by their coordinator, Fr Jerry Rosario, to reflect on the theme, "Creativity is the need of our times".
May 23
Fr General decrees the canonical establishment of the Jesuit community in Kuppayanallur, the first in the Chengai Region.  
May 26
Fr C. Valiaveetil goes to engage in inter-religious dialogue at Maitri Bhavan, Varanasi.    
June 14
Fr Aloysius Irudayam, the Provincial, blesses St Arulanandar's Centenary Block at the Jesuit school in Oriyur.  
June 18
Fr Donatus Jeyaraj succeeds Fr Aloysius Irudayam as Provincial, and Fr Sebastian Soosai succeeds Fr. M. Devadoss as Vice Provincial for Formation.  
June 24
The South Indian Common Juniorate is inaugurated in Thiruvananthapuram.
July 5
Claver House, the Jesuit residence in the Chengai Mission, is inugurated, and two days later the Remedial School starts functioning.
July 15
The KARISAL (Kamaraj District Rural Institute for Social Action and Liberation) Team starts working in the Sivakasi region among the child-labourers' families of the Arundhathiyars, the most oppressed section of Dalits.
Aug 13
At St Xavier's College, Palayamkottai, inaguration of STAND (Student's Training and Action for Neighbourhood Development), an attempt to link the college with the rural masses.
Aug 13-15
The National Council of the AICUF identifies communalism and globalization of economy as the two greatest dangers threatening the very foundation of democracy and the secular nature of India.
Aug 25-26
The Jesuit Pastors of the Province reflect on the Basic Christian Communities and Basic Human Communities; and assert that as pastors we should be concerned with the development of all – irrespective of their religion.
Aug 31
The Platinum Jubilee of the Apostolic School, St Mary's is celebrated. Archbishop Casimir, S. J. presides over the Eucharist and Fr Joe Antony preaches the homily.
Sept 7
Fr M. Devadoss leaves for Somalia to work for JRS.
Sept 8 Fr General announces that the GC 34 is to open on the feast of the Epiphany, 5 Jan 1995, and calls for serious preparation by all the Provinces.
Sept 21-27
Fr M. Devadoss discusses with the UNESCO officials in Paris collaboration between them and the JRS in Somalia. He will work with the UNESCO Educational Adviser to Somalia.


The SHEPHERD department of St. Joseph's College launches a total literacy campaign in 9 panchayats of the Manikandam block.  
Oct 14
Students from several colleges attend a Seminar on Rural Poverty in India, organized by the Arul Anandar College's Department of Economics.
Nov 1 - 3
Invited by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Fr M. Elias attends a meeting in Nepal convened to enhance and improve the collaboration between UNHCR and the NGOs.
Dec 4
Fr Britto Bonaventure, Principal of St. Joseph's College, is elected to the Syndicate of the Bharathidasan University, Trichy - the first Jesuit elected to this post after a span of 30 years.
Jan 5-7
At St Joseph's College, a National Seminar on "Education for Social Change - how Autonomous Colleges could influence the curriculum towards a more socially relevant syllabus”.
Feb 3
The Botany Research Centre is inaugurated at St Xavier's College, Palayamkottai.
Feb 4
The tercentenary celebrations of St John de Britto's martydom conclude in Oriyur. Cardinal Lourdusamy, all the Tamil Nadu Bishops and some 50,000 pilgrims, including some from Portugal, attend.
Feb 13-16 Arul Anandar College, Karumathur, celebrates its Silver Jubilee. At the valedictory function, an endowment for the physically handicapped students is instituted.
Feb Golden Jubilee celebrations of De Britto H.S. School, Devakottai.
June 12-24
In Loyola, Spain, Symposium on the Vocation and Mission of the Jesuit Brother. Br Antony Sinnamuthu, a member of its Planning Group, and Br Ignacy Augustine attend it.
The University Grants Commission approves two integral courses in Loyola College: Bio-technology, and Office Management; In Dhyana Ashram, a meeting to discuss the Province collaborating with the Madras-Mylapore Archdiocese to start a Centre for the Spirituality of the Laity.
Aug 2-16
National AICUF Consultation on "Towards a Just Society - In Solidarity We Struggle".
Sept 15
Celebration of the 150 years of service of St Joseph's College, Trichy. The Governor of Tamil Nadu, who presides over the function, gives a clarion call to revamp the educational system.
Sept 24
The 1st General Body Meeting of the Dalit Commission in Kuppayanallur attended by Frs Provincial, Vice-Provincial and the other Commissions' coordinators.
Dec 7
At St Xavier's, Palayamkottai, Fr Provincial blesses the new Platinum Jubilee Building.  
Jan 5-Mar 22
Besides coming out with Decrees on Pastrol Ministry, Lay Cooperation and Women, GC 34 desires that 'Complementary Notes' to the Constitutions be composed.
Feb 13 - 16
Arul Anandar College, Karumathur, celebrates its Silver Jubilee. During the valedictory function, an endowment for the physically handicapped students is instituted.
In the Chengai Mission, blessing of a multipurpose hall in J.P. Nagar and of a reading room in Puliyur; SHEPHERD, St Joseph's, organizes an exhibition on "Appropriate Technology and its Applications" for 8 days each in different villages around Tiruchirapalli.
March 17-19
STAND, St Xavier's, organizes an awareness programme for 80 women from 10 villages.
March 25-26
General Body Meeting of the Spirituality & Dialogue Commission on the theme, "The Environment is a Concern of the Jesuit Life and Mission ".
April 8-9
Concluding ceremonies of the 150th anniversary of St Joseph's College.


Fr C. Amal chooses Indian Social Institute, Bangalore as the headquarters of the JRS South India that will look after the refugee camps in Nepal, Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

Oct 13-15
Fr Kolvenbach and 450 members attend the Jesuit Alumni Congress at Loyola College, Chennai. Fr General calls on the alumni to commit themselves to the establishment of a more just world. They pledge to cooperate in the Jesuit policy of preferential option for the poor.
Oct 14
At Satya Nilayam, Chennai, Fr General presides over the centenary celebration of the Sacred Heart College of Philosophy that began its existence in Shembaganur in 1895 and was shifted to Chennai in 1981.
Nov 26
"Thiru Viviliyam", the first Inter-Confessional Tamil Bible translation, is solemnly released in Madurai. Fr Michael Irudayam is the coordinator of the Translation Team.  
Jan 20 - 30
Fr Francis P. Xavier serves on the organizing committee of the National Conference on "the Fundamentals of Crystal Growth" and presents three papers at the conference.
Jan 28
The All India Dalit Students Forum (AIDSF), proposed by the AICUF during a 3-day consultation in Madras, is formed. Some 60 Dalit students and intellectuals from various states of India attend.
Jan Fr P.T. Chelladurai is awarded the title " Kalai Maamani " (the Great Pearl of Arts) by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.


The Chengai Mission gets a plot of land (9.46 acres) at Janakipuram near Maduranthangam registered in the name of the Loyola Institutes, Kuppayanallur.
Fr M. Amaladoss is appointed a member of Fr General's Theological Commission to study "How to Preach Jesus Christ Today?" and "How Do We Understand Integral Evengelization?” 
July 5
Fr M. Amaladoss is appointed a member of Fr General's Theological Commission to study "How to Preach Jesus Christ Today?" and "How Do We Understand Integral Evengelization?” 
July 5
At St. Xavier's, Palayamkottai, the "Tissue Culture Unit" is inaugurated and the first floor of the Botany Research Centre is re-named ‘Centre of Bio-diversity and Bio-technology'
At Loyola College the newly started Loyola Institute of Vocational Education (LIVE) offers one-year Post-Graduate Diploma courses.

Fr Amal Kulandaisamy becomes the National Advisor of the AICUF (All India Catholic University Federation).

A Grihini School is inaugurated by the KARISAL team for 20 Arundhathiyar girls.    

Nov 23-24

St Joseph's College's Tamil department organizes a Seminar on the new Inter-Confessional Tamil Bible, attended by many religious and seminarians. 

Dec 22
A national level celebration of the 450th anniversary of the admission of Brothers into the Society is celebrated at Loyola, Madras. Many Brothers from several Provinces participate.  
Dec 29
During a Conference of the All-India Association of Christian Higher Education for Principals from all over India, Fr Xavier Alphonse's book, Changing Tracks: Community Colleges in India is released. 
Fr X. Irudayaraj is nominated Secretary of the TNBC Dialogue and Ecumenism Commission.  
At Arul Anandar College, the Post Graduate departments of Economics, Philosophy and Rural Development together conduct a 2-day Seminar on "Towards a Just World Order.” The College's efforts to reach out to the neighbouring farmers, like the RDS department-sponsored Veterinary Clinic, are highlighted.
March 4-7 Fr Peter Francis and his team organize in the Madras Institute of Indian Technology an All-India Seminar on "Teaching English to the Disadvantaged".
March 7-8
The Loyola Institute of Frontier Energy ( LIFE) organizes a National Conference on "Energy Crisis and Environment" during which 62 papers are presented.
Fr Antoniraj is appointed for a term of three years the Director, Central Board of Worker's Education, by the Central Government.
April 7 - 19
Fr Ignacimuthu attends a meeting at the Kunming Institute of Technology, China and presents the progress report of a research project of the Entomology Research Institute in Loyola, Madras. 
April 14
During a consultation on "Re-engineering to employment and life" hosted by the Loyola Technical Institute, Madurai, the possibility of establishing a Community College there is explored.

Apr26-May 16

Jesuits of Loyola College conduct with the help of lay partners a preparatory training camp for the std XII Dalit Catholic students.


Fr Leonard Fernando lectures in Innsbruck, Austria, on the Eucharist from the Indian viewpoint and guides a seminar on Liberation Theology in India; Fr Xavier Alphonse goes to England and to the U.S., to experience their systems of skill-oriented training.

June 11

The St. Mary's Computer Academy is inaugurated at St. Mary's, Madurai.

June 15-22

Fr S. Arockiam represents the Province in Naples, Italy at an International Congress on the Social Apostolate, organized by the Social Justice Secretariat of the Jesuit Curia, Rome.

June 22

About a hundred Jesuits celebrate in Oriyur the Golden Jubilee of St John de Britto's canonization.

July 6

The Good Samaritan Home is inaugurated in Ongur, Chengai Mission.

July 31

The Madurai Community College is inaugurated in the campus of the Loyola Technical Institute.

Aug 9

The 300th 'thematic dance' organized by Fr Michael Irudayam, "the Pageant of India", is staged by the Rosary Matriculation H.S. School, Chennai.

Aug 15

The Golden Jubilee of India's Independence is celebrated by Jesuit institutions and communities. As part of this jubilee, a seminar on "Political Thinkers in India " is held at Satya Nilayam on 29,30 Aug.


Fr James Thamburaj participates in the 12th World Youth Day in Paris, during which he presents an Indian dance on the theme of the Youth Day, "Come and See" and, together with the Indian dancers, interacts with the audience in two parish churches of Paris.

Nov 9

In Madurai, Foundation of the Doctor Ambedkar Cultural Academy (DACA) in the presence of 3,500 people. Six foundation stones of various buildings are laid during the celebration.

Dec 4-6
Fr S. John Britto, Principal of St Joseph's College, organizes a National Seminar on "Framework of Education for the Indian Context: a New Perspective" attended by 171 lecturers of Jesuit colleges, plus 124 other lecturers representing 56 Colleges from 12 States.
Dec 18

On the 100th birthday of Fr Jerome D'Souza, a stamp in his honour is released by the Chennai Post-Master General, and given to Fr Provincial at a ceremony presided by the Governor of Meghalaya, a former student of Fr Jerome in Loyola.

Dec. 20-21

Bro M Devadoss organizes a Seminar for Brothers on legal affairs during which expert lawyers explain what legal steps should be taken to protect our properties.


Jan 24-25

Six hundred Jesuit Alumni of the Southern Provinces meet in Palayamkottai, and the speakers underline the role played by the Jesuit educational institutions in eradicating illiteracy and shaping the future of many young people through the quality education they offer.

Jan 26-31

Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Carmel High School, Nagercoil.

Jan 28-Feb 1

The Platinum Jubilee of St Xavier's College, Palayamkottai, is celebrated.


Fr Lawrence Amalraj goes to Kampuchea to lecture on Sociology and Development to Kampuchean students, who are "refugees in their own country".

Feb 10
Dedication of the renovated church of Our Lady of Lourdes, St Joseph's in Tiruchirapalli.
March 7-8

Sixty alumni of Arul Kadal together acknowledge its positive impact on their sensitivity to the poor and the Dalits and reflect on the impact of contextual theologizing.

March Fr Pappuraj, Principal, St Xavier's College, is a resource-person at a tri-national (USA , South Africa and India ) Seminar on "The Role of Higher Education in Building Democracy", in South Africa.

Felicitated by St Joseph's College for being awarded the Bharat Ratna, Dr Abdul Kalam replies: "All that I am today I owe it to St Joseph's and to the Fathers and Professors of my college. The formation I have received in my Alma Mater has enabled me to serve the Nation creditably".

April 10-12

Fr P. T. Chelladurai attends the International Carnatic Music Conference in Durban, South Africa, and presents a paper on "Carnatic Music in Christianity", besides giving a concert.

May 1-4

A Seminar at Thozhamai Illam, Kanyakumari, clarifies its goals: On-Going Formation of the Christian Community; Dialogue and Fellowship of Religions; and Ecumenism.


Fr Sebasti L. Raj is commissioned by the CBCI to study the seminaries in India.

May Silver Jubilee of the Summer School of Carnatic Music run by Fr Chelladurai.
July 31

The 450th anniversary of the first papal approbation of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius.


Culture and Communication and the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board organize at Loyola a "Theatre for Child-Labour Elimination" when 10 NGOs present street theatre performances highlighting this problem.

Sept 21-23

Fr Francis P. Xavier is the only physicist invited to take part in the International Symposium on Phthalocyannies organized in Edinburgh, Scotland by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Sept DACA conducts an orientation programme for teachers in the 60 Study Centres it runs for Dalit school children in the rural areas of 4 districts.
Oct 10-11

The Institute of Dialogue with Cultures and Religions (IDCR) in Aikiya Alayam is inaugurated during a seminar on "Religions in Conflict: The Challenge of Communal Harmony".


The Tamil Nadu People's Forum for Social Development, led by Fr Manuel Alphonse, conducts a workshop on "Dalits and Social Development".

Fr Yesumarian attends the first World Dalit Leaders Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at which 750 leaders share their views and concerns about the future of the Dalits.
Dec 1 - 6

Fr Sebastian Anand reads a paper on Commonwealth Literature at the Conference organized by the Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dec 27

The Province Assembly reflects on the "Challenges of the Third Millennium to Our Mission".



Jesuit Statistics At the beginning of this year, the South Asian Jesuit Assistancy becomes the most numerous in the Society: 3805 members, and 3752 for the United States.

Jan 10

Inauguration of the Madras Centre for Research and Development of Community Colleges (MCRDCE), directed by Fr Xavier Alphonse and the "1st South Indian Conference of Community Colleges" attended by 160 delegates coming from 14 existing CCs and 11 planned ones.

Jan 14-16
LIFE (Loyola Institute of Frontier Energy) organizes an International Conference on "Environment and Bioethics", attended by 150 scientists from India and abroad, during which 124 research papers are presented. The UN High Commissioner for Repatriates presides over the valedictory function.
Jan 16-17

The AICUF celebrates its Platinum Jubilee at St Joseph's College, Trichy, where Fr Carty founded it. The movement has today 70 units in Tamil Nadu, and exists in 12 States in India.

Feb 8

In Arul Anandar College, the archbishop of Madurai blesses the new chapel, dedicated to God the Father. Symbols sacred to the diverse religions adorn the glass frame.

Feb 11

The Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore blesses the new church of Dhyana Ashram, dedicated - like the old one - to Mary, Mother of God.

Feb 22

More than 350 students from 11 Jesuit schools participate in the Silver Jubilee of LASAC.

Feb 28-Mar 6

The Jesuit Provincial Superiors in India make two important statements, 1), to support the South Asian theologians in their efforts to inculturate the Faith into the local culture and reality; and 2), to protest against the recent acts of violence against Christians in India.

March 30

The Platinum Jubilee of St Xavier's College, Palayamkottai.


Fr Ignacimuthu is elected to the Syndicate of the University of Madras for a period of 3 years.

June 5

Fr Vinny Joseph, National Director of JRS, is invited to attend a seminar in London.


About 450 students from all over India gather in Loyola, Chennai for the Platinum Jubilee Convention of the AICUF. They prepare a 'Student Manifesto' that elaborates the real concerns of the nation for the marginalized and the oppressed.

July 1

Fr Provincial presides over the inauguration of the Sahayamatha Mission, an extended activity of the Chengai Mission with its headquarters in Kilpennathur.

July 23

With the help of the Central and State Welfare Boards, SHEPHERD inaugurates at St Joseph's College a one year course on Computer Education for 25 rural girls, who get a monthly stipend of Rs. 250/-

July 30

The Platinum Jubilee of Loyola College.


Fr Sebasti L. Raj is appointed Director of the National Institute of Social Communications, Research and Training (NISCORT), the organizing and training centre of the CBCI for the Mass Media.

August 6

Fr Xavier Alphonse is appointed a member of the National Executive Council of the Human Resources Development Ministry to review and reactivate the 'vocationalization' of education.


Fr Leonard Fernando is appointed by the Archbishop of Calcutta one of the three members of the Historical Commission for Mother Teresa's process of beatification.

Sept 8

Fr Provincial blesses the foundation stone of the LIBA EXTENSION CENTRE in Loyola.

Sept 12

In Shembaganur, the new building of Inigo Siruvar Illam, for the boarders of PEAK, is blessed and opened.


After an awareness seminar on the refugee situation for the students of Stds XI and XII, St Mary's School, Madurai, adopts a refugee camp of 300 families close to Madurai.

Oct 8

The Jesuit Council for Educational Research and Training for Secondary Education (JCERT) is inaugurated at St Xavier's, Palayamkottai. A workshop on "Action Research" is conducted.

Oct 9

Fr Francis P. Xavier takes charge as Provincial succeeding Fr D. Jeyaraj.

Oct 11

DACA starts a 6-month residential computer Education Programme for 20 rural youth who have completed their higher secondary studies.

Oct 16-19
Fr Leonard Fernando is appointed Editor of the ecumenical journal, Indian Church History Review.
Oct 30

After a consultative meeting, Fr. Provincial launches an assessment of the option for the Dalits, through a survey of the entire Province, - the Assess, Renew and Plan (ARP) enquiry.

Dec 10

At St Joseph's Higher Secondary School, final function of the Silver Jubilee of LASAC.

Dec 11-16

The Provincial of France, Fr Jean-Noel Audras and his Socius, Fr Edouard O'Neill, visit the Province.


Jan 3 - 12

Fr Louis Xavier attends the plenary meeting of the FABC as a consultant on education.


St Joseph's College, after submitting its Self-Assessment to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), gets their highest rating, Five Stars.

Jan 26

The Golden Jubilee of the Republic of India is celebrated in all Jesuit institutions.


The Humanist Forum for Social Integration comes into existence at the initiative of the Conference of Religious of India (CRI), ably helped by Frs Arockiadoss and Manuel Alphonse.

Feb 2

The Machado Science Block in Carmel School, Nagercoil is opened.


Fr V.S. Manickam organizes a Millennium Seminar on Medicinal Plants at St Xavier's College.

Feb 14-16

A seminar on Human Rights is given by a team from the Bangalore Indian Social Institute, for the Brothers of the Southern Jesuit Provinces in Secunderabad.

Feb 18

Fr S. Rajamanickam is awarded the degree of Doctor of Letters (D. Litt) by the University of Madras. At 82, he is the oldest person to be honoured with this degree.

Feb 18-19

A National Workshop is organized by the MCRDCE on Community Colleges as an alternative and innovative system of education in India.


On the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee of Loyola College, inter-college cultural competitions on the theme, "Religion in Search of Humanism" are organized all through Tamil Nadu.

March 2

As high-point of the Platinum Jubilee of Loyola, the General, Fr Kolvenbach blesses the new Platinum Jubilee Building in honour of Frs Kuriakose and Lawrence Sundaram.


The Folklore Resources and Research Centre (FRRC) of St Xavier's conducts a Post Graduate Diploma Course on Folkfore in three centers (Nagercoil, Tuticorin and Palayamkottai).

April 14

Fr. Provincial blesses and inaugurates the Animation Centre at Vallam (Chengai Mission).

May 16-18

At the Province Assembly "Walking with the Poor" and "Promoting the Culture of Inter-Religious Harmony in our Ministries" are the talks that inspire the participants.

June 22

On the anniversary of St John de Britto's canonization, almost three fourths of the Province Jesuits go on a pilgrimage to Oriyur. Sixteen novices pronounce their first vows during this Millennium Jubilee Mass.

July 16

The Pre-novices enter Veeramamunivar Illam, specially built for them in Vilangudi.

Fr Manuel Alphonse represents the International Catholic Movement of Professionals at the special session of the United Nations held in Geneva to evaluate the 1995 Copenhagen Social Summit.

Opening of the Loyola Community Hall at Somasipadi in the Kilpennathur mission.

August 15

Invited by the Human Resourses Ministry in New Delhi, Fr S. Ignacimuthu addresses the State Educational Secretaries from all over India on "Newer Trends In Education".

Sept 21 - 28

In Loyola, Spain, Fr General and all the Provincials and Regional Assistants reflect on creative fidelity in the religious commitment and inter-provincial cooperation.


Frs C. Amal and Vinny Joseph, invited by the Bishop of Mannar, visit the Internally Displaced Persons camps and JRS projects in Sri Lanka and meet relatives of the Sri Lankans in Tamil Nadu camps.

Oct 17 - 20

As editor of Vidyajyoti, Fr S. Arokiasamy attends the international Missiology Congress for the Holy Year in Rome.

Oct 23

Fr S. Ignacimuthu is appointed the Vice Chancellor of the Bharatidasan University. He is the first Jesuit to assume such a responsibility in India.

Nov 14

The 20th anniversary of the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is celebrated in Shembaganur by 43 JRS workers from Nepal, Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka with the international team from Rome. A souvenir showing the work of JRS throughout the world is released.

Dec 8

The 4th conference of the Jesuit Alumni Association of Tamil Nadu, is conducted on the theme "My duty is to serve". It ends with a public meeting.

Dec 10

Fr S. Ignacimuthu is nominated to a five-member Vice-chancellors committee to restructure the administration of the Universities in Tamil Nadu.


Feb 8-10

An international seminar on "Profile of Poverty and Network of Power", is organized in DACA by Fr Anand Amaladass .

Feb 10

St Xavier's College of Education, Palayamkottai celebrates its golden jubilee.

March 24-28

An Assistancy-level workshop on Environment brings 60 Jesuits from all over India to Shembaganur. Fr Michael Czerny, Secretary for Social Justice in the Roman Jesuit Curia, gives the key-note address. 21 other papers are presented.

March 27-29

A hundred participants from 17 States attend the ‘National Consultation on Community College as an Alternative System of Education' organized at ISI, New Delhi, by MCRDCE, in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resources Development.


Fr S. Ignacimuthu is appointed a member of the Tamil Nadu State Council, one of the two Vice-Chancellors in the 12 member Council.

May 27

At St Joseph's college, valedictory function for 100 young scientists, mostly from rural areas who, for 3 years, have attended Science Training Intensive Summer Courses directed by Fr M. Elias.


The services of Fr X. Irudayaraj are lent to the archdiocese of Madras -Mylapore, to form Lay Ministers in the diocese, and help prepare the Archdiocesan Synod.


The High School in Kuppayanallur, Chengai Mission, becomes a Higher Secondary School.

July 6

Fr Alphonse Manickam defends in French his thesis, "Jesuits and Untouchability in Tamil Nadu" at the Sorbonne University, Paris, France and is awarded a Doctorate with distinction.

Aug 9-12

Tri-Jubilee in Dindigul: 150 years of St Joseph's parish school; 100 years of acquiring the present compound; and 75 years of the school becoming St Mary's Higher Secondary School.


Fr Manuel Alphonse represents the Tamil Nadu People's Forum at the Durban Conference against Racism, and works closely with the National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights.

Oct 21-28

Twelve members of the Madurai province take part in the South Asian Assistancy Assembly in Bombay.


Fr S. Arokiasamy works for the Synod of Bishops in Rome as consulting theologian to the secretary of the FABC (Federation of the Asian Bishops' Conferences).

Nov 6 AHAL (Action for Human Rights And liberation) Centre, the new social action venture of the Province for the empowerment of the Arunthathiyars in the Northern districts, is inaugurated along with the Arrupe Boy's Home at Kilpennathur.
Dec 3-4

A seminar on "The New Madurai", organized in Loyola College by the Province and the History Department of Loyola, includes a symposium on St Francis Xavier's life and mission in India.

Dec 8

A seminar for the staff of Loyola College discusses the pros and cons of a "Deemed University.”


As director of MCRDCE, Fr Xavier Alphonse is nominated a member of the organizing committee of the world Conference of Community Education to be held in New Delhi in 2003.